Buying Stone Crab Claws


The best place to buy stone crab claws is from a reputable dealer who offers the freshest, highest-quality claws and meat. These sellers are sure to stand by their product, and they offer money-back guarantees. Be sure to read reviews and comparison-shop before you make your purchase.
Stone crab claws are available in frozen, real-time, and fresh varieties. However, stone crab cost vary in price, but should be around $20-$45 per pound. Prices below this will usually be either overpriced or questionable quality. When looking to buy stone crab claws, remember to choose the claws that are the proper length for you.
Fresh stone crabs will retain more water and flavor than those that are frozen. Additionally, fresh claws will retain more vitamins and minerals. The Eaton Street Seafood Market guarantees that they will deliver the freshest stone crab claws within 24 hours. To place an order, you will need to log in or register.
A plate of stone crab claws can cost up to $140. The claws are the most expensive part of a stone crab meal. If you eat them fresh, you can expect to pay up to $70 per pound. However, they are not the only thing that makes stone crabs so expensive. They are also very difficult to catch, and fishermen are only allowed to harvest their claws.
Fresh stone crab claws should be refrigerated between 32 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit or frozen. Keeping stone crab claws in the freezer can extend their shelf life by about six months. If you freeze them, they will thaw in the refrigerator within 12 to 18 hours. This way, you can eat them within two to three days.
Claws should be red with hints of beige. You should also look for a dark claw on the tip. You should also avoid buying claws that smell fishy, look pale, or feel slimy. Claws that smell fresh may be wet from ice and may smell fishy.
When buying stone crab claws, it is important to pay attention to the quality and the cooking method. Some vendors serve stone crab claws cooked or frozen to maintain their tender texture. Once jumbo stone crab claws have been delivered you can serve with melted butter and mustard sauce. You can buy specialty mustard sauces from some suppliers, or try a homemade version. 
The season for harvesting stone crabs opens in October and closes mid-May. Stone crab claws are harvested without killing the crab. It takes around 12 months for each claw to grow back. Claws are considered a valuable part of a stone crab's diet, as they contain up to half of its weight. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:
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